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Plant Care

Tips and tricks to maintaining your plants upon receiving until they are planted.

sprinklers running on a transplanted field General Considerations
  • Plugs should be damp enough that water drains out when squeezed.
  • Water 1 to 2 times per day using standard showerhead nozzle (weather dependent).
  • If soil mass begins to separate from the root, this is a sign that the plants are being under watered and should be planted immediately.
  • Exposure to heavy rainfall causes nutrient loss in plugs.
  • Store plants in the shade when possible (weather dependent).
  • Mildew can accumulate on plants left in transportation storage for too long. May treat with fungicide before or after planting.
  • For plants on the ground longer than 3 days, contact NWT for care instructions to maintain the quality and results.
  • Cold storage may be used in some cases to preserve plants. Contact NWT for specifications.
  • Water plugs immediately before transplanting.
  • Damp soil is ideal for transplanting.
  • Always water immediately after transplanting.
sprinklers running on a transplant field
Delivered in Bins
  • Remove all trays from bins and lay on ground as soon as possible or with in 24 to 36 hours.
  • Water plants after they have been laid out.
  • Plant within 3 days of receiving or call NWT for care instructions.
Transplants loaded on a trailerDelivered in Racks
  • Trays may be kept in racks up to 3 days with water.
  • Lack of consistent sunlight will cause plant irregularity after three days.
  • Remove trays and lay on ground after 3 days of rack storage.
  • Water immediately after.
Transplants loaded on a trailer
Delivered in Bulb Crates
  • Plant within 48 hours or water daily.
  • To water drench plugs by submerging the crate in water for 1 to 2 seconds then remove, or
  • Water with standard showerhead nozzle.
  • Do not leave in crates for longer than 5 days as plants will not receive uniform sunlight and ventilation.
  • Keep out of wind to protect plug soil and roots.
Transplants loaded on a trailer Delivered in Boxes
  • Plants pulled from trays and shipped in boxes should be planted within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Open and unseal the boxes for ventilation.
  • Water in boxes before transplanting.