Transplant starts

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Transplanter Sales, Parts, & Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

Watch out for these common mistakes:

  • Did not confirm machine spacing is set properly for desired plant placing
  • Plant depth is set incorrectly
  • Low pressure in drive when and transmission wheel throws off timing
  • Uneven or incorrect tire pressure

Transplanting in the field

Setting Spacing

Row spacing is adjusted on the transplanter by sliding the seat and foot mount. To set the spacing, distance should be measured from the center of the tool bar.

Shoe and Ski Condition

Before beginning transplanting, shoes and skies should be evaluated for condition and cleanliness. Holes, dishes, and clogs can make the performance inconsistent. It is especially important that the plant release gap and kicker at the aft of the shoe is clear of clogs. Excessively wet field conditions can cause this gap to clog while in operation.

Plant Release Gap/Kicker
Plant Release Gap/Kicker
Front View Shoe and Ski
Front View of Shoe and Ski
Drive Wheel
Drive Wheel

Tire Pressure

Maintaining consistent tire pressure in drive wheel and transmission wheel is important to ensure consistent and accurate timing. It is best to check tire pressure before planting so that the plants are placed consistently from beginning to end of planting.

Transplanting in the field

Transplanter Sales and Parts

Since 1953 Mechanical Transplanter has been building high quality, customizable transplanters that are sure to last on your farm for generations to come. Northwest Transplants is a proud Mechanical dealer.

For inquiries regarding purchasing a Mechanical Transplanter or transplanter parts, please contact
Jed White.
Phone: 503.651.3302