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Northwest Transplants

Family owned and operated since 1990

Northwest Transplants

Certified to grow Organic since 2002

Northwest Transplants

Multiple pick-up and delivery options

Northwest Transplants

Utilizing Climate Smart Systems

At Northwest Transplants, we use greenhouse technology to bring new opportunities to our customers. Our greenhouses are designed to harness the unique climate and growing advantages of the Willamette Valley. We offer both conventional and Certified Organic seedlings.

We like to solve problems through innovation in order to deliver high quality crops that are affordable to Farmers. We pride ourselves on pursuing new specialty crop endeavors in order to provide expert knowledge to our customers. We are dedicated to improving the sustainability of our operation through innovation. Our unique equipment and facilities allow us to better care for our environment and our customers’ bottom line.

Northwest Transplants is a family owned and operated business located in Molalla, Oregon. Our  team of experts have more than 40 years experience growing commercial transplants.

Our Growers

Which program is right for you? We work with growers of all sizes, and will take orders as small as 500 plants per variety.

Northwest Transplants

Tray Program

Typically fewer than 5,000 Plants

Priced by the Tray, regardless of the plant recovery population.

Ideal for Growers: 

  • Multi-cropping on small acreage
  • Performing research trials
  • Evaluating varieties
  • Highly diversified operations
  • Unknown or low germination lots
Northwest Transplants

PER-M Program

More than 5,000 Plants

Priced per one-thousand plants (PER M). Plant recovery is calculated from a statistical count based on the total volume of the lot.  

Ideal for Growers:

  • Planting multiple acres of a single variety
  • Looking to reduce chemical application in the field
  • Seeking improved uniformity at harvest
  • Using mechanized planting equipment
  • With an active crop management plan 

Not sure where to start?

Check out our Grower Tools to direct you to recommended seed companies, plants per acre calculator, common field spacing and more!

If you still aren’t sure or just want to speak to a human, please reach out to us via phone or email. A member of our team will respond to you promptly!

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8-4
Main Office: 503-651-3302

Providing a certified organic option since 2002


Providing a certified organic option since 2002
Currently certified through the Oregon Department of Agriculture

Northwest Transplants
Northwest Transplants
Northwest Transplants

Organic seedling production is not without its challenges. We have been tweaking and refining our organic production system for over 20 years. In that time we have developed a robust nutrient management program with low risk of plant damage due to ammonia volatilization and other extremes. It is accomplished using a design unique to our facility, and based on our time spent in the Water Garden Industry.

Our organic facility is on its own dedicated footprint, and is serviced by a unique and independent water source. High tech equipment such as Netafim micro sprinklers and Bartlett control systems help to manage the greenhouse environment in order to achieve more efficient and sustainable operations.

The challenges are that we do not have as precise control over nutrient availability and thus plant timing. In addition, the cost of organic inputs is often high and more labor is required to ensure proper growth and care. On average we find the cost of organic production to be 33% higher than conventional. This increased cost is reflected in our pricing.  

Please review our Requirements for Organic Growers in Grower Tools.

Industrial Hemp

We have been growing hemp seedlings since federal legalization in 2018. We pride ourselves on keeping the cost low for growers. This is thanks to the design of our facility to maximize growing space, keep inputs to a minimum, reduce pest and disease pressure, and achieve a healthy uniform crop. 

A current Hemp License is required to place an order.

All terms for Industrial hemp are 70% prepay prior to seeding and the remaining balance is due on delivery/pick up.

Northwest Transplants

30+ Years in the Nursery Business

90 Mil Seedlings Grown Annually

300K Square Feet of Growing Space

Set Yourself Up For Success!

Northwest Transplants
  • Consider your crop rotation and total number of production acres 
  • Calculate number of plants needed
  • Purchase quality Seed
  • Check weather forecast for your planting dates
  • Secure equipment and labor for planting
  • Confirm your delivery/pick up plan with us
  • Work and prepare ground for planting
  • Verify that your transplant equipment is set to the correct spacing
  • Prepare a site to receive, stage, and care for prior to planting
  • Pre-irrigate when possible and be ready to irrigate as soon as the plants are in

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Northwest Transplants
Northwest Transplants

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32300 South Dryland Rd.
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