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Our Vision

The vision of Northwest Transplants is to provide excellence in products and services. Always understanding that we measure our own success by the success of our customers. We are an organization of people, working together for a common goal, where people want to come to work, and are proud of what we represent.

Our History

Neal and Pamela Lucht met at Oregon State University, and were married in November of 1983. In 1987, they began to research and trial a model for a commercial transplant operation located in the Willamette Valley. This enterprise started as a division of Neal’s family operation, Crestview Farms, owned and operated by Dorothy and Charlie Lucht. 

By 1990, they began operating independently as Northwest Transplants on land leased from Crestview. Then in 1993, Neal and Pam were able to purchase the land and move the business to its location today on South Dryland Road near Molalla.

In 2015, Neal and Pamela’s only daughter Lauren returned to work on the family farm. Prior to her return, Lauren completed her Masters Degree in Agricultural Science from Oregon State University, served as an Ag & FFA Instructor and worked in the Washington State Legislature. 

Northwest Transplants has grown to include 100+ acres of farm ground. This allows the operation to maintain a year round employment, supply complementary products to fresh market customers, and more sustainably incorporate the compost generated by a greenhouse operation. Willamette Valley Melon Company was established as a DBA of Northwest Transplants in 2018. 

In 2022, the farm and Lucht family welcomed Lauren’s husband, Jim Lovelace. He and Lauren look forward to the opportunity to build on the success and ingenuity of Northwest Transplants

Northwest Transplants
Northwest Transplants

Meet Our Team

Lauren Lucht

Lauren Lucht


Pamela Lucht

Pamela Lucht

VP Administration

Neal Lucht

Neal Lucht

VP of Operations


Eddie Hartrampf

Operations Manager


Santiago Uribe

Logistics Manager


Cory Carlson

Production Manager


David Rodriguez

Seedline Manager

Jim Lovelace

Jim Lovelace

Sales Manager


Madison Adams

Sales & Logistics Coordinator


Deb Sullivan

Customer Account Representative

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Teri Stephens

Accounts Payable & Event Coordinator


Jordan Carlson

Social Media & Brand Manager


Darci Abeln

Human Resource Manager

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Jake Wimer

Maintenance Manager


Les Lucht

Senior Sales Advisor

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Rebecca Tweed

Family friend and advisor



Black Lab


Hazel aka Filbert

Black & Tan Dachshund



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Northwest Transplants

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32300 South Dryland Rd.
Molalla, OR 97038

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