Organic Production

Compliant Poop Since 2002

NWT Certified Since 2002

Since the early 2000’s we have worked to develop and perfect our Certified Organic start program. Constant changes in the National Organic Program rules and available crop protection resources make Organic Production a process that is in constant research development.

Above all we strive for quality and consistency to the best of our ability. Beyond managing the growing environment two or our largest challenges are Weak genetics and pest control (mice and birds).

If you are new to growing, please keep in mind that Organic Plants are weaker than conventional and if something goes wrong we have fewer tools to fix them.

Organic Compliance

Extra steps are required to ensure the compliance of Organic Crops. Please be prepared to supply additional documentation to ensure you order meets all requirements. Before the order can be processed we must have proof of the following

  1. Seed provided is Certified Organic; or
  2. Along with seed, Grower provides a seed search affidavit; and
  3. Obtains a statement from the seed producer stating the seed is:
    • Non-Treated with ionizing radiation or sewage sludge
    • Non-GMO

Scheduling & Pricing

On average the cost of growing a plant in the Organic Program versus Conventional is about 34% higher. Some of this cost relates directly to higher input materials (fertilizer and chemical); however, the largest added cost come from labor expense; documentation, weeding, sanitation, and increased greenhouse supervision.

When we switch to seed Organic, our seeding operation is shut down for 4 hours to preform the necessary clean out and sterilization procedure. Accommodating last minute orders is a challenge, as we schedule Organic seeding over a set two day period.

Check out the Latest National Organic Program Rules

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