Local Produce

Local Focus

Born from a legacy of row crop farmers, Willamette Valley Melon Company is sister company to Northwest Transplants. We use our greenhouse technology, current work force and past history to produce a variety of high quality food crops for our region.


What We Do

Connect Customers with fresh, local, and affordable food.

Create new opportunities to reach and impact Consumers.

Enhance awareness and education for agriculture and natural resources.

Utilize resources and technology from our sister company; Northwest Transplants.

The “Farm” offers a source for valuable nursery compost to improve quality and bio availability of the Soil.

Maintain a year-round work force – with nursery business being heavy in the winter and spring

Summer and fall harvest allows us to keep our dedicated work force on full-time.

Resourceful & Sustainable

We Preform Through Science & Technology


lbs each year


planting blocks


miles drip irrigation


satisfied customers

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